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About the Oov

From stretching to core strengthening to rehabilitation or for relaxation purposes, the Oov can be utilised with significant benefits for spinal (back) health.


The Oov has been designed to mimic the shape of our spine, fully supporting all three curves. This allows the body to move in all directions, facilitating better movement.


Lying on the Oov elongates our spine to its natural curve and lifts the pelvis off the ground. This creates a state of gentle instability, which naturally stimulates our muscles to switch on and find balance.

Join the mOovement

The Oov can be used in many ways but in my classes we use it to allow deep connection to the trunk and diaphragm. I’ve worked with many athletes – from professional rugby players to exercise newbies – and found that the Oov facilitates and enhances movement for every body.  Please note that when starting Oov, the Prep Class in On Demand must be completed first.  Contact me directly with any queries re Oov.

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