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Hazelnut Chia Protein Cookies

Recipe (makes around 6)

1 Large Cup Porridge oats blended to flour if possible (plus some extra not blended)

2 Scoops vanilla protein powder (I used Clean and Lean)

2 large tablespoons chia seeds soaked in double amounts water for at least 20 minutes - longer if you can

2 tablespoons maple syrup

2 tablespoons hazelnut drizzle or any nut butter

topped with optional choc


Blend porridge oats into flour and mix in protein powder.

Pop chia seeds and water into a bowl and leave to sit.....after 20 mins at least add maple syrup, Nut butter, mix well and leave for another few mins

Mix wet and dry - into a dough - pop onto a lined tray - bake for 20 mins - leave to sit

High in Fibre, Protein and Fat - good option for quick snack if short on time - or for hungry kids coming home instead of processed rubbish🤣...Be careful you don't eat them all!


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